I’m not sure about outsourcing my post-production work, how can I be sure my style will be applied properly ?

We will do a tailor test for you 100% free. For colour correction send us your selection of 20 RAW files. We will study your company aesthetics on social media and website, and once edited you’ll receive a private link to allow you to check the outcomes. If outcomes look good, just send us the rest of the files and we will follow the same procedure.

For High End Retouching, send us 2 JPG files with a short explanation of your requirements, after completed, we will send you a private link with the pictured edited, and again, if outcomes meet your expectations, just send the rest of the work, and we will handle them for you.  

We seek for consistency among all your pictures giving them the look that makes your style unique. You will not feel that your pictures were edited by other person. We will be an extension of your hands.

How do I send to you my files? What type of files do you need?

Once you confirm free test work for you, we will send you a private link to allow to access an online folder to save all your files. For Colour Correction in Lightroom we will need RAW files, for High End Retouching,  JPGs. Please note we don’t do culling, so please send us only the selected files you’d like us to work on.

How long does it take to complete the work? How do I receive the files?

Our maximum turnaround time is one week  (even less if we are not in peak season).

You will receive a private link with the pictures completed, we are happy to make any modification you may need. Once changes are completed, you’ll receive the invoice. Once payment is done, we will save the files in high res on the same shared folder you uploaded your RAW files.

How do you scope high end retouching work?

Our base fee is 30€ per hour, once we complete the free test, we will be able to estimate the work required to retouch the pictures. E.g. if one picture took us 10 minutes to be edited, our final price would be 5€ (30€ X 10 min. / 60 min. = 5 €).

What are the benefits of becoming a regular customer?

We love regular customers, if you allow us to be your on-demand editing team and we have a regular number of projects throughout the year, your trust in us will be rewarded. Our fee for colour correction might get to just 0.18€ and fee per high end retouching just 20€.

If you need to know anything else, please contact us.